Kat discovers that Alfie told her a HUGE lie on EastEnders tonight

How will Kat react to the bombshell news?

Kat (Jessie Wallace) on EastEnders

Kat Moon (Jessie Wallace) continues to reel on tonight’s EastEnders in the wake of the unexpected reappearance of her estranged husband Alfie (Shane Richie). But it seems that a fresh surprise is in store for her.


Fans of the BBC1 soap saw Kat left crushed last Thursday when she came face to face with Alfie for the first time in months, only for him to reveal that their boys were still out in Spain.

EastEnders - October - December 2018 - 5814

A furious Kat then stormed off, refusing to let Alfie explain further – but she’ll be seen reconsidering her actions this evening when she reaches out to Alfie, who’s now back in Spain. As Kat begs him to let her see the children, she’s horrified to learn that Alfie lied to her. Just what had he omitted to say?

As can be seen from this new clip, Kat takes the news badly and skives her cleaning shift at the Queen Vic, deciding instead to help herself to the Carters’ supply of alcohol, only to be caught in the act by Linda.

Initially annoyed by Kat’s actions, Linda eventually takes pity on her employee when Alfie calls and Kat makes a desperate attempt to speak to her kids. But will Alfie relent and put Kat’s offspring on the line?


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