EastEnders goes all Ghostbusters II with Cora’s runaway pram drama

Cora was channelling her inner Sigourney Weaver tonight

Cora and Robbie on EastEnders

Cora Cross (Ann Mitchell) narrowly avoided disaster on tonight’s EastEnders when she failed to notice that the pram containing her great-granddaughter Abi had wheeled into the path of a reversing van. Scenes just shown on BBC1 soap saw a stressed-out Cora momentarily turn her back on the pram in order to light up a cigarette, but didn’t spot that the buggy wasn’t on its brake.

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 09.28.37

As the pram careered down the road, it was left to an eagle-eyed Robbie (Dean Gaffney) to jump in and rescue Abi before anything more damaging happened.

In the aftermath of the crisis being averted, Cora was seen confiding her anxieties in Martin, swearing him to secrecy out of fear that the incident would damage her chances of getting custody of Abi should Max discover what had happened.

However, despite the dramatic nature of tonight’s scenes, some viewers may have noticed similarities to the opening of a certain supernatural comedy sequel from 1989. Substitute Cora with Sigourney Weaver and add some New York taxis and you do kind of have the first couple of minutes from Ghostbusters II:

If EastEnders is now taking its inspiration from the big screen then surely no movie classic is off limits. The Odessa Steps sequence from Battleship Potemkin, maybe?

Which, of course, inspired the Union Station showdown in The Untouchables:

With inspiration like this to pick from, we look forward to seeing where Cora’s great-grandparenting skills take her next!


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