Paula and Sophie fall out on Coronation Street – will this ruin Sally’s chances in court?

The bust-up could have big repercussions

Paula (Stirling Gallacher) on Coronation Street

Legal eagle Paula is put on the back foot in tonight’s Coronation Street when her lover Sophie inadvertently jeopardises Sally’s chances of getting a fair trial.


Wednesday’s double bill will see Paula turn up for a meal at Speed Daal in the company of some other lawyers. But Sophie is soon left bristling when an off-hand Paula starts treating her like a waitress.

What Sophie doesn’t know, though, is that one of Paula’s lunch guests has useful information about Sally’s case, while the other is a judge who could potentially be presiding over the trial in court.

Pretty soon, Sophie has misread the situation and ends up being rude to both men – earning a reprimand from Paula in the process. Has Sophie just ensured that Sally will remain incarcerated?

Sophie and Paula on Coronation Street

Speaking to, actress Stirling Gallagher expressed her hopes that Paula and Sophie can work through their differences:

“I believe that they do love each other and it would be a terrible shame if we didn’t get to explore that further. I’d like to see whether they could get married and adopt a baby. It would be tricky and there’s the potential for many complications. I personally think that would be a lovely storyline.”


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