Will Aaron kidnap baby Seb on Emmerdale tonight?

Is Aaron about to make a reckless move?

Aaron (Danny Miller) on Emmerdale

Aaron looks set to throw husband Robert into a panic on Tuesday’s Emmerdale when he fails to deliver baby Seb back into the arms of the child’s mum Rebecca in Liverpool.


As fans of the ITV soap have already seen, Aaron is currently at loggerheads with Robert over his decision to let Seb depart with Rebecca and Ross when they exited the village.

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Fan favourite Aaron has voiced his concern, telling Robert that he feels he wasn’t consulted about what happened. “Why would you decide something so massive without talking to me?” Aaron asked, a question that prompted Robert to head off to retrieve Seb so that an early first birthday party could be thrown for him.

But at the climax of the celebrations, Liv gave Aaron food for thought when she said to him: “You know – if you could ask him, he’d pick you. He should stay with us and you know it.”

The upcoming drama will see Aaron get increasingly agitated about the prospect of being parted from Seb once again, but does his best to mask his concern as he makes preparations to take him back.

But events then come to a head when Robert receives a call from Rebecca, who tells him that Aaron has failed to show up. So has Aaron gone against Robert’s wishes and made a rash move? And where exactly has he gone?


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