Coronation Street: Abi is sent to prison – plus Seb to adopt the twins?

Abi becomes the latest Corrie favourite to be banged up

Abi Franklin (Sally Carman) on Coronation Street

Abi Franklin’s (Sally Carman) life will go from bad to worse on next week’s Coronation Street when she finds herself having to serve a 16-week sentence in prison. Viewers have already seen Seb’s mum put through the wringer after Tracy inadvertently framed her for causing the Connors’ recent crash and Kevin subsequently sacked her from the garage.


Now, thanks to new details released on the official Corrie website, it looks as though Abi’s livelihood will come under threat again when she’s overheard being constantly rude to customers while working on the switch at Streetcars. As questions are asked about whether Abi can keep her job, she ends up going on a bender and being found unconscious on Victoria Street before getting loaded into an ambulance.

In the wake of this latest trauma, Abi tells Seb and her social worker that she’s considering putting the twins – who are currently in foster care – up for adoption. Seb will be left furious by his mother’s decision and ends up telling the social worker that he is considering applying to adopt the twins. But she tells him that unless he cuts contact with Abi, he doesn’t stand a chance.

Abi (Sally Carman) on Coronation Street

Angered by the current state of affairs with the twins, Seb ends up taking his fury out on Tracy’s flower shop and trashes Preston’s Petals. But as Ken hears the commotion, Seb runs off leaving Ken to find Abi alone. Covering for her son, Abi then takes the blame for her son and decides to make matters worse by swiping some cash from the till.

Next week’s drama culminates with Ken calling the police, who turn up to arrest Abi. In court, Abi is then sent to prison, but will her custodial sentence mean that she loses the twins for good. And will Seb really take the social worker’s advice and sever ties with his mum in order to adopt them himself?


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