EastEnders: Carmel exits after playing disturbing trick on Keegan

Did you approve of Carmel's actions?

Carmel (Bonnie Langford) and Keegan (Zack Morris) on EastEnders

Carmel Kazemi’s final scenes on EastEnders have seen her try to teach Keegan Baker a lesson about the futility of carrying a knife after letting him believe that he’d stabbed a local thug to death.


Bonnie Langford bowed out of the BBC1 soap this evening as a grieving Carmel left Walford six months after losing her son Shakil in a knife attack. After paying final respects to Shakil by wishing him “sweet dreams” as she stared up at an oversized poster of him in the Square, Carmel exited for a new life in Dubai.

What did Carmel do to Keegan?

But her departure came in the aftermath of a disturbing chain of events that started to unfold last week after Keegan got involved in a showdown with a gang leader who’d defaced the poster of Shakil. After appearing to have pierced the thug’s skin with a knife, Keegan bolted from the scene, only to be told later on by an angry Carmel the lad he’d attacked had died.

Monday’s episode of EastEnders then saw Keegan admit to his family what he’d done, with mum Karen advising him to go on the run before the police caught up with him. But just when it looked as though he was going to flee, Keegan instead came to the realisation that he had to hand himself in to the authorities.

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However, after going to the police station and being quizzed by a detective, it soon became clear that no murder had been reported the night before and that Carmel had controversially tricked Keegan into thinking he’d committed a crime in order to make him think about his reckless actions.

Upon being released, Keegan railed at Carmel for the way she duped him, while Karen also tried to brand her actions as sick. But after Carmel gave an impassioned speech about the cycle of violence that sees teenagers routinely resort to using knives, the Taylors came to see that Keegan had been handed a gift in being forced to look at his actions in a new light.

Events then came to a head when a volatile Keegan threatened his own family with a blade, forcing Karen to step in and disarm her son by punching him in the face. The Taylor matriarch then ordered Keegan to thank Carmel for what she’d done for him, all of which resulted in the emotional teen having a final heart to heart with Carmel before she left.

“Do you understand why I did it?” Carmel was seen asking, before telling Keegan that the most precious gift in life was your child and that you should treasure it.

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Why has Bonnie Langford left EastEnders?

Speaking recently about her decision to go, Bonnie Langford admitted that she needed a break from soap’s punishing filming schedule, telling The Stage: “In EastEnders, you don’t know when you are going to be needed, you are on call all the time and don’t know your availability until the Friday before. Silly things, like booking a dentist appointment, become impossible.

“That sounds like a stupid thing to have as an issue, but after a while you don’t know where you are. I started to think I needed to come up for air a little bit. I needed to do other stuff, to get out there and feed that other part of my soul. You have to nurture the whole lot, otherwise you can’t do your job properly.”

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