Baby crisis to split Emmerdale’s Robert and Aaron?

The couple can't agree on whether to pursue parenthood


Emmerdale newlyweds Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley) and Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) look set to take the next step in their relationship next week when the topic of babies comes up.


However, only one half of Robron appears to be fully enthused about becoming a father and things start to get tense – are the popular couple facing a crisis just weeks into their marriage?

Last year the birth of baby Sebastian, the result of Rob’s one-night stand with Rebecca White, almost destroyed him and Aaron, but they made it work – fast forward a year and it appears the Dingle stepdad is now fully on board with playing parent and reckons it’s time he did it for real and was a fully-fledged father.


Broaching the subject of having a child with his husband next week, Aaron excitedly starts making plans believing the couple are ready for the big step. But he’s deflated when Robert has a worryingly cool reaction, knocking the wind out of his sails. What’s put off Mr Sugden from being a daddy for the second time?

Will Robron surrogacy drama mean the end of the romance?

Aaron tries to bring up the tentative surrogacy plans with his mum Chas, but Robert quickly shuts it down and makes it clear he doesn’t want to discuss the matter with anyone else just yet. By this time Aaron is all too aware Robert is stalling and avoiding having a proper chat about the idea of a Robron baby…

Why is Robert so resistant? Is he being sensitive to Chas who is grieving for the death of her daughter Grace who tragically only lived a few minutes? Does he feel he’s been there and done that already with Seb? It appears the boys are not on the same page, and could be facing the first big test now the confetti has settled on their fairy tale wedding day. Will a disagreement about having a baby tear the pair apart?


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