EastEnders: Hayley goes into labour after making sex pact with Keanu – here’s what happens next

Find out what happens after Hayley gives birth later this week on the BBC1 soap

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Pregnant Hayley Slater’s efforts to bring on labour saw her going to extremes on Monday’s episode of EastEnders when she propositioned Keanu Taylor – but events didn’t exactly go to plan for the desperate mum-to-be.


After hearing from Karen that sex was a good way to speed things along, Hayley (Katie Jarvis) ended up asking Keanu (Danny Walters) to do the deed. After initially being taken aback by the request, Keanu agreed, but opted to take a shower first.

Hayley (Katie Jarvis) and Keanu (Danny Walters) get ready to have sex on EastEnders

However, Hayley’s plan was then thwarted when Kat, Mo and Jean arrived home early and Keanu was left trying to hide himself away upstairs. Events then took a further twist when – after managing to get rid of her relatives – Hayley found that her waters had broken. Unbeknownst to Keanu, Hayley then rushed out the door and climbed into the cab in order to drive herself to hospital.

What happens next to Hayley?

Tonight’s EastEnders will see Hayley’s attempts to get to the maternity ward stymied when Ian jumps into the taxi and starts making demands. But Hayley puts Ian in his place when she drops him at the Tube station and orders him out.

With her contractions intensifying, Hayley finds herself struggling to drive and things grow even worse when the cab itself breaks down. Panicking, Hayley calls Keanu for help, but he’s distracted by Karen and misses the call.

Elsewhere, Kat and Jean  soon realise their relative has gone into labour, but realising her birth is imminent, Hayley takes refuge and ends up giving birth alone, leaving her in a worrying situation. By Thursday, fans of the BBC1 soap will be left fearing for Hayley’s future when she’s found unconscious by Keanu and Kat.

As an ambulance is called, will Hayley make it through this latest ordeal as she’s rushed to hospital?


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