Kim leaves Hollyoaks after taking the blame for Glenn’s murder – and meeting Rick Astley!

Rick's cameo caps off four years on the show for Daisy Wood-Davis


Kim Butterfield has left Hollyoaks, going on the run after taking the blame for Glenn Donovan’s murder to protect girlfriend Farrah Maalik and the WAGs so they can avoid reprisals from the gangster’s vengeful son Liam. And who was the last person she shared a scene with? None other than Rick Astley!


Tonight’s E4 episode (Wednesday 17 October) saw Kim make the brave decision to pretend she bumped off gruesome Glenn, begging DS Roxy to put her fingerprints on the vial of poison discovered after his death to make Liam think it was her and put him off the scent – but she’d flee the country and go into hiding before the Donovans could catch up with her.

Bidding an emotional goodbye to a very grateful Grace Black, Simone Loveday, Maxine Donovan and Courtney Campbell, who teamed up to poison Glenn, Murder on the Orient Express style, Kim saved her biggest farewell for girlfriend Farrah Maalik, encouraging her to follow her heart and go after Grace, having realised she’s in love with her.

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Escaping the village just as Liam came looking having heard about the fingerprints, Kim was last seen at a bus stop where she met a man reading a newspaper whistling 1980s pop classic ‘Never Gonna Give  You Up’, who then revealed himself as the singer of said hit, Rick Astley, making his Hollyoaks debut!

The poster of Kim’s idol kept her company while she was locked in a basement for months (a whole other story), and after a quick chat with Rick about her next move she faced her future with optimism, pleased she had saved her friends.

Rick Astley

Making her final appearance after four years as Kim, Daisy Wood-Davis said: “It’s been a complete joy working at Hollyoaks. I’m so proud to have been part of a show that works hard to deliver such fun, entertaining and important storylines. I’ll miss the excitement and craziness Kim brought to my life – hopefully one day I’ll say hello to her again!”

The actress also amusingly acknowledged how she’d found romance on set with fellow cast member Luke Jerdy, aka Jesse Donovan: “What an experience, I fell in love with the show, the creatives, and the cast – particular a Donovan brother!”


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