Hollyoaks kills off Glenn Donovan – will the WAGs get away with murder?

Bob Cryer's exit was inspired by Agatha Christie!

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Hollyoaks has killed off gangster Glenn Donovan in a surprise twist that saw his enemies team up and poison him together, making four characters responsible for the demise of the cruel crime boss.


Yesterday’s E4 episode (Tuesday 16 October, showing again on Channel 4 on Wednesday 17 October) saw the WAGs (Women Against Glenn) discuss bringing down the dastardly Mr Donovan at his birthday party in the pub. Simone Loveday, reeling from Glenn releasing her sex tape to the public, suggested the ladies take inspiration from the plot of Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express and all poison his drink, meaning everyone in the group is equally accountable.

Joining Mrs Loveday were Glenn’s ex-lover Grace Black, who was trapped in an abusive relationship with the baddie, daughter-in-law Maxine Donovan who discovered Glenn killed his son, her husband, Adam, and Courtney Campbell, mother of granddaughter Iona and reluctant drugs mule.


While Glenn made a speech at his party, the ladies poured their own personal vials of poison into his drink, and after Kim Butterfield – also in on the plan – managed to stop the wrong person sipping the spiked beverage, Glenn dropped dead of a heart attack outside during a row with son Jesse.

After finding a discarded vial in a nearby bush, Liam became suspicious Kim had something to do with his dad’s shock death – but will he figure out what really happened?


Speaking about his exit from Hollyoaks after a year playing Glenn, Bob Cryer said: “I’ve had the most fantastic 12 months on the show, the people here have such love and passion for it that I’ll be really sad to say goodbye. But Glenn couldn’t get away with it forever, could he? He closed the door on everyone who mattered, so ultimately there was no way out for him.


“I can’t wait to sit back and watch my brilliant friends play out what is going to be a thrilling aftermath to his exit.”

With Liam recently returned from Magaluf, and already aware half-sister Grace was out to get his dad, will he rumble what the WAGs have done? And can the women trust each other as the fallout continues?


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