Hollyoaks storm week is here! 10 spoilers revealed

Ste's wedding, Sinead's return, a car crash, and a whole load of rain

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It’s that time of year again when Hollyoaks unleashes chaos on its cast with their annual stunt spectacle. Having blown up a school, burnt down a fairground and crashed a train hosting a wedding reception in previous years, 2018 sees a storm brewing over the Chester suburb that strikes as a number of big plots reach an explosive peak.


The event has been teased for weeks and we know Ste Hay and Harry Thompson’s wedding forms the backdrop of the week, and there’s also the much-discussed return of Stephanie Davis to the cast to look forward to, three years after she left under a cloud as Sinead O’Connor.  New details and pictures have just been released for next week’s episodes, so here’s a preview of the drama in store as wild weather descends on Hollyoaks…


James has an outrageous plan to destroy Ste and Harry’s wedding
Ste and Harry’s wedding day sounds doomed as Harry’s spurned lover James Nightingale plans to expose their affair by sneaking pictures of them kissing in the guest’s gift bags. He uses Romeo Quinn to help him, unaware the cocky teen is his secret son. Could this be the moment James learns he’s a dad?


Sinead is out for revenge
Human hurricane Sinead arrives in the village and hitches a lift from Sami Maalik, telling him she’s here to ruin a wedding! So if James doesn’t wreck the nuptials Sinead most certainly will. She and Ste had a daughter, Hannah, and tried settling down as a couple but his love for Harry saw him betray her and she fled the village hardened and heartbroken. She wants revenge, so what has she got planned? And how will Diane react to seeing her stepdaughter after she nearly ruined her marriage by having an affair with Tony?

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Car crash horror
Talking of Sinead, as she climbs in Sami’s car and they head off to the village while the wind picks up, they don’t get very far as they hit something in the road en route. What, or who, do they strike? Is this a clue to a casualty of the carnage? Is Sinead’s comeback story a shock hit and run, bonding her and Sami from the off?


Lily risks her life for Romeo
As well as trying to pluck up the courage to come clean to James that he’s his son, Romeo also bites the bullet with Lily and confesses he’s in love with her, putting the trainee doctor in a tizzy about whether she should stick with husband Prince or give into her feelings for his best friend. As the locals batten down the hatches in the pub, Lily sees Romeo is stuck outside and when Prince is distracted she sneaks out to check on him. Has Lily put herself in danger by heading into the eye of the storm?


The locals are trapped in the pub
The weather situation gets serious so the community takes shelter in the Dog in the Pond for safety, where mercenary new landlady Mercedes McQueen takes full advantage of a captive crowd and starts selling an expensive new cocktail, ‘Storm in a Glass’. Barmaid Goldie whips up her own rival beverage and the McQueen girls are soon locked in a cocktail war… At least there’ll be some light relief among the destruction and dynamic drama…


Diane and Tony reunite, but Dee Dee is on death’s door
The Hutchinsons also play a big part in storm week as Diane and Tony are distraught over ailing Dee Dee, and even consider cancelling Ste’s wedding as the family are going through too much. Tony insists it goes ahead and Di agrees to give their own marriage another try – could there be a vow renewal for the stressed couple by Dee Dee’s bedside?

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Tegan finally loses Rose
While the Hutchinsons look to the future, Tegan Lomax reels from daughter Rose rejecting her for biological mum Diane. Teegs is devastated when Rose calls Di ‘mummy’ and there’s an emotional confrontation just as the storm hits. Diane and Tony tells a heartbroken Tegan they want to co-parent both Rose and Dee Dee, adding to her pain. Will the fates of both baby swap girls be decided once and for all by the end of the week?


Misbah is caught in the storm – thanks to Imran
Imran’s anger flares up again when Misbah barricades her son in the house despite him wanting to check on girlfriend Brooke Hathaway, who’s autism gives her huge anxiety about the storm. Smacked by her son, Dr Maalik flees the family home into the path of the storm. Sami goes to look for her which is when he finds Sinead – could Misbah be the person they hit?

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The storm causes structural damage putting lives in danger
The wild weather event causes some serious structural damage in the village, glimpsed in the autumn trailer when the ‘welcome to Hollyoaks’ sign flies off into the night carried by a mighty wind. Expect a ‘structural collapse’, putting several lives in danger, and the show has all but confirmed at least one death (it wouldn’t be a stunt week without a departure or two). Is the damaged structure in the village’s parade of shops near the sign? Price Slice, the Hutch, the Loft club and the florist could all be hit – but is there a clue in Lily spying Romeo from the Dog that the carnage is in the other part of town featuring the Love Boat and rowing club flats?


Max finds Sylver’s phone incriminating him and Mercedes
Jealous Russ is obsessed with proving his suspicions about fiancee Mercedes and her hunky cousin Sylver are correct, and he might get the chance next week when his son Max unwittingly finds evidence. The kid swipes a mobile phone found among the wreckage, and after initially telling him off for stealing Russ is persuaded by Mercy to let him keep it. But when Max starts it up we see it’s Sylver’s phone containing proof of his and Mercy’s hook up that Jack Osborne chucked in the pond… How long will this time bomb tick away?


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