EastEnders favourite Dot Branning reveals that she’s dying

Is tragedy in store for the Walford legend?

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EastEnders icon Dot Branning appears to have confirmed fans’ worst fears tonight when she revealed that she’s dying and has come back to Walford in order to say her goodbyes.


The Albert Square legend returned from her trip to Ireland yesterday and confided her health fears in Sonia, who advised her to make an appointment with the GP. But the visit to the doctors’ surgery did little to put her mind at rest and by the end of tonight’s episode, a resigned Dot was telling Jack that she was about to meet her maker.

Viewers should, perhaps, take Dot’s self-diagnosis with a pinch of salt, seeing as her hypochondria has been a long-running feature of EastEnders. And it seems as though Jack himself looks set to doubt Dot’s words – by Thursday, he’s suggesting that she get a second opinion, though she remains unconvinced that it’s the right thing to do.

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But as Jack tries to reassure Dot, she gets a flash of inspiration and heads off to meet an old friend who she feels she can trust – Dr Harold Legg. Scenes to be shown on Friday 19 October will see actor Leonard Fenton (now aged 92) return as Dr Legg does his best to reassure Dot about her future. But then comes the moment when the former GP reveals some shocking news of his own. Just what does Dr Legg have to say?


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