Coronation Street: Ben Price on Nick’s new “duplicity” – and his love for Leanne

The Corrie star reveals that there's a new edge to his character


Coronation Street returnee Ben Price has revealed that we’re going to see a more deceitful side to his character Nick Tilsley now that he’s back in Weatherfield. “There’s an edge to Nick – a duplicity that I like,” said the Corrie star to, “and he’s now more of a match for David. Both brothers have an anger at times.”


Nick was seen returning to the neighbourhood last Friday when he turned up at Leanne’s hospital bedside after being called as her emergency contact. And it seems that seeing his ex-wife lying in an injured state will rekindle old feelings he has for her. “It brings everything back for him and he remembers what he loves about her,” added Price.

The actor also revealed that he’d found it very easy to slip back into life in Weatherfield, but that Nick will find it more difficult to acclimatise. “It felt very easy for me to slot back in. I never left in the first place because of the show. It was just down to my family being so far away. I love the show and the people, but I also love my family. And while it’s very flattering when you’re busy at work, it sometimes became too much.

“So now, we’ve found a much better way of working. Coronation Street has been very kind and I now have a better balance – just by arranging things a bit differently.


“But things are tricky for Nick, especially with David. Nick doesn’t know what’s gone on and very rarely has he seen his brother lost for words or unable to cope. Initially, he doesn’t understand the enormity of what’s happened, but it slowly starts to dawn on him. And then there are people like Peter, who immediately hates Nick and is nasty to him. And Nick’s nasty to him – but in a kind of playful way. He’s more willing to play around with who he is.”

Nick will certainly be in need of a strong backbone, with him set to face flak from both Toyah and even mum Gail, who chastises him for turning his back on his nearest and dearest. But Price has high hopes that his character can overcome these obstacles and reclaim his place in the neighbourhood. Asked where Nick could be in 12 months’ time, he replied:


“I’d like to see him on the Street with a family in a house. Honestly, I’m not sure whether I know what’s best for Nick, but, as I say, I like the duplicity. He can move relationships and businesses. And maybe he can present as one thing, but be other things too. And I find that very interesting…”


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