Line of Duty series four: Who is Jimmy Lakewell?

Everything you need to know about the smooth-talking lawyer played by Patrick Baladi


Line of Duty‘s Jimmy Lakewell didn’t sound like a real person when we first heard about him.


He was a name on Nick Huntley’s phone – someone the husband of chief antagonist Roz clearly turned to in a crisis (and there were a few of those).

So when Nick caught wind of Steve Arnott’s imminent arrival he called Lakewell straight away – and it turned out the lawyer really was who he said he was, an old law school friend of Nick who was immediately by his side once things started to go pear-shaped.


He has a way with words, does our Jimmy. He antagonised Northern Irishman Ted Hastings when he told him to “dial down the Ian Paisley” as Nick was being questioned.

Charming. But is he Team Nick or Team Roz? And is he just an offensive smart-arse or someone altogether more sinister?

You can never be sure with Line of Duty. It is still possible (though unlikely) that he is Balaclava Man who smashed up Steve to protect his friend.

We’ll find out soon, no doubt…


This article was originally published in April 2017