Faith Dingle confesses to pushing Kim Tate – Emmerdale’s Sally Dexter reacts

“I wouldn’t be surprised if there were repercussions after this…”

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Emmerdale’s Kim Tate almost came a cropper just days after her big comeback when she was pushed down the stairs at a Home Farm party, but despite being arrested for the assault Charity Dingle was not responsible – it was her rowdy relative Faith!


The twist was revealed in tonight’s episode (Friday 12 October) which began the morning after the big push and saw Charity surprised to be released into the waiting arms of girlfriend Vanessa Woodfield who confessed she had given her a false alibi.

Later back at the Woolpack, Faith privately admitted to Charity it was she who shoved the bitchy blonde bad girl over the banister as revenge for goading Debbie for being jilted by Joe Tate. Charity berated the gobby gran for letting her take the blame, but Faith insisted she would’ve confessed if things had gone too far.

“It shows Faith is a bit of an unexploded bomb,” says Sally Dexter, talking to about her character being the culprit in this week’s whodunnit. “She can split off in all directions and you never know what she could do.

“There’s very few things that could surprise me with Faith, but I don’t think she’d do anything cold-hearted. It’s not in her nature to kill somebody.”


Chas and Cain’s mouthy mother is no pushover, but this is certainly the most extreme act of aggression we’ve seen her perform up to this point. “Her prime directive is to protect the family,” insists Dexter. “And she did mean Kim serious harm, so there is an element to her which is sharper than we’ve seen thus far.

“I was delighted when I found out Faith was going to be the one to push Kim. At first I wasn’t sure how they’d make it a feasible thing for her to do, she’d never met her, but as I mentioned it’s all about the family and Faith didn’t like what Kim did or how she goaded the Dingles.”

Faith thinks she’s got off scot-free, but people rarely get away with bad deeds in soap – even if they were done for the right reasons, as Dexter muses. “I wouldn’t be surprised if there will be repercussions for Faith after this. There is usually comeback at some point for things like this.


“I just hope Chas doesn’t find out, she’ll tell her off! Faith and Charity are now thinking ‘The least said, we can smooth it over,’ and hope it goes away. Obviously what Faith did was bad, but sometimes things are wrong but right in their own way…”

Kim didn’t see who pushed her, but with the character confirmed to be returning as a permanent fixture next year there is plenty of time for the toxic Tate to figure out who was behind the attack – could we be looking at a potential new rivalry of two formidable Dales divas?

“Faith should be worried!” laughs Claire King, teasing her next stint on the show in 2019 following Kim’s cameo comeback which climaxed tonight when her alter ego ws sent back to prison for another six months. “I don’t think Kim will be leaving it like that, do you? She has her work cut out with the Dingles now, there are some tough women in that family. Who knows what might happen?”


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