Debbie jailed after acid attack confession – Emmerdale’s Charley Webb reacts

“I’m glad this story is over for Debbie,” reveals the star

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Emmerdale’s Debbie Dingle has confessed her part in Ross Barton’s acid attack and now faces a prison sentence while teenage daughter Sarah Sugden awaits a life-saving heart transplant operation. Not only that, she’s still reeling from being jilted by Joe Tate who she thinks walked out on her, unaware her dad Cain thinks he killed him.


Friday 12 October’s episode capped off a tumultuous week for Debbie as ex-boyfriend Mr Barton’s attacker Simon McManus was finally brought to justice and told the police it was Debbie who arranged the assault originally intended for Joe, leading to her arrest.

Instead of trying to worm her way out of it, regretful Debbie stepped up and came clean to the cops, unable to live a lie any longer, but insisted it was Simon’s idea to use acid and Ross should never have been hurt.

“I’m glad Debbie has come clean at last because for me, this story has been a bit muddled and confused,” Charley Webb tells us, reacting to her character’s latest twist. “Even though she did the usual Dingle thing and wanted Joe beaten up for what he’d done to the family, she never ordered the acid. It went wrong because of Simon.

“I’m glad it’s out because I’d quite like to put that story to bed now for Debbie because it should never really have been about her, it should’ve been about what happened to Ross. Debbie was dragged down by Simon.”


Ross had spent months trying to keep Debbie’s name out of the assault drama after he learnt she had inadvertently caused his life-altering scars, but was powerless once Simon revealed all. With tonight’s instalment ending with Deb on remand, how does Webb feel about her alter ego doing time for the crime?

She could go down for a long time and her kids wouldn’t be with her, so I don’t think she’d handle it in prison. And it would be for something that wasn’t really her fault so it would be a big kick in the teeth. I don’t see her coping very well. But we have a court case to come which I’ve not heard anything about yet.”


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