Emmerdale: Charity arrested as Kim survives murder attempt – but did she do it?

Is there more to the 'who tried to kill Kim' saga?


Emmerdale‘s Kim Tate has survived the attempt on her life that saw her tumble down the Home Farm staircase, and Charity Dingle has been arrested for the attack. But have the cops collared the correct culprit? And what will Kim’s next move be?


In an action-packed double bill on Thursday 11 October that also saw Joe Tate seemingly killed off and Ross Barton finally bring acid attacker Simon McManus to justice, Kim quickly regained consciousness after being pushed into a champagne fountain and was rushed to hospital.

Police questioned a range of suspects at the masquerade ball where the incident had occurred, with many partygoers – particularly those with the surname Dingle – possessing motive to take on the toxic Tate who cruelly revelled in how she had run stepgrandson Joe out of town, thus making him jilt poor Debbie at the altar.


While Joe returned only to meet a secret gruesome fate either from Cain Dingle’s fist or Graham Foster’s bullet (there was ambiguity as to how he was despatched, or even if he was actually dead), the investigation at Home Farm riled Charity up so much she did herself no favours and made herself the prime suspect, with her hatred for the victim glaringly obvious and loudly declaring Kim deserved comeuppance for the way she spoke about her devastated daughter Debbie. The fact she didn’t have an alibi landed her in handcuffs by the cliffhanger…

Graham, in between dealing with his and Cain’s Joe problem, went to the hospital upon learning his lady boss had almost been bumped off where a doctor informed him Kim miraculously managed to escape the fall with just cuts and bruises, and would make a full recovery. Show bosses had not revealed the returning soap bitch’s fate beyond the staircase tumble, with many fans expecting her to be killed off as Claire King’s long-awaited comeback after 20 years as Kim was billed as a ‘cameo appearance’.


Did Kim see who pushed her? Will she reveal to the police what really happened? If Charity didn’t do it, perhaps she’ll take the chance to frame her new arch-enemy? Charity may well be telling the truth about ‘answering the call of nature’ when the attack happened – if so, who really tried to kill Kim?


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