Emmerdale: Joe returns for revenge – will he kill Kim?

Get ready for a titanic clash of the Tates

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Joe Tate is on his way back to Emmerdale, setting the scene for an epic showdown with Kim after the returning villainess forced her stepgrandson to flee for double crossing her. Could he be the one to push the blonde bad girl to her possible death? Or will Kim carry out her threat to have him bumped off? And does this mean there’s still hope for Joe and Debbie Dingle to tie the knot?


Tonight’s episode (Wednesday 10 October) saw Debbie devastated her fiance had abandoned her at the altar. Demanding answers she headed to the masquerade ball at Home Farm, ironically held to raise funds for her daughter Sarah’s heart transplant charity, just in time to see Kim Tate rock up in an Aston Martin declaring herself as the true owner of the posh property.

Not only that, but Kim cruelly put Debbie and the Dingles in the picture about Joe’s lies – he actually owns nothing and Kim is the rightful heir to the Tate fortune, and with her out of prison he had had done a runner for fear of being found out. What’s more she claimed he never cared about Debbie, Noah or any of his new-found family and they would never see him again.

Ruffling the Dingles’ feathers with her callous put-downs to Deb for being duped by Joe, Kim quickly made enemies of Charity and Faith as she hijacked the fundraising bash as her own welcome home party and rubbed everyone’s face in Joe’s apparent betrayal.


Breaking down to dad Cain, Debbie wept as she faced the fact Joe had been stringing her along for months – but the audience know it’s not quite that simple. Joe and Graham Foster have both secretly been under Kim’s control all along, but the Tate hunk’s feelings for Debbie are genuine and he wanted to cut ties with his gruesome grandmother to focus on his future.


Graham tipped Joe off that Kim was out of jail and wanted him gone for double crossing her, by any means necessary, so gave him a wad of cash and told him to disappear immediately, not telling anyone where he was going as it would put their lives at risk. Heavy-hearted Joe left at the end of Tuesday’s hour-long episode, but this evening’s final shot showed him walking back to the village, clearly having decided he’s determined not to be pushed around by Kim…

Embargoed until 19.30pm on 10 October

Emmerdale have confirmed a ‘whodunnit’ as the week plays out when one of Kim’s enemies pushes her down the Home Farm stairs, sending her crashing into a champagne fountain – is this Joe’s handiwork as revenge for making him let Debbie down? Or does Debbie do the deed, blaming Kim for coming between her and Joe? Or could Charity, Faith or Noah push the posh pariah to her possible death? And with Cain furious at Joe for upsetting his daughter, will he end up wishing he’d stayed away?


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