Emmerdale: Jacob gets a crush on Maya – but will he act on his feelings?

The upcoming drama sees Jacob find himself attracted to his dad's partner


A new Emmerdale storyline twist will see Jacob Gallagher start to develop feelings for his dad’s girlfriend Maya Stepney in next week’s episodes of the ITV soap. But could it be the Hotten Academy teacher who ends up getting herself into trouble as a result of Jacob’s crush?


The upcoming drama sees Maya get a warning from headteacher Jessie after Noah mentions that she gave him a lift to school. As Jessie is quick to tell an alarmed Maya, her actions have broken the school’s safeguarding rules.


Annoyed by this turn of events, Jacob ends up losing his cool when he pushes Noah over at the bus stop. The trouble is that Jacob’s actions only cause more trouble for Maya, who then receives a formal warning from Jessie.

Thankfully, it’s all looking more positive for Maya on the domestic front: after Leyla convinces her of the depth of David’s feelings, Maya moves back in with him. But her stepdaughter Leanna is annoyed and lashes out, with Jacob having to jump in as an impromptu peacemaker.

Later on, Maya thanks Jacob for defending her against Leanne. And as Maya snuggles up to David on the sofa, Jacob starts to realise that he has feelings for her. The big question now is whether Jacob will act on how he feels? And if Maya – with a question mark already hanging over her as regards safeguarding – will end up getting herself into further trouble…


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