Hollyoaks confirms Kim Butterfield exit – will she die in the storm?

Daisy Wood-Davis has left the building…


Hollyoaks has confirmed Kim Butterfield’s exit from the show will soon be on screen, with Daisy Wood-Davis having already filmed her final scenes as the tormented former nurse.


Kim arrived four years ago as the younger sister of Lindsey Roscoe, who was eventually revealed as serial murderer the Gloved Hand Killer. The unpredictable character has been involved in a number of high-profile storylines including becoming an obsessive stalker, make several attempts on peoples’ lives, having numerous psychological breakdowns, be part of Hollyoaks’ first lesbian wedding with Esther Bloom, and become imprisoned in a basement by killer Ryan Knight with only a Rick Astley poster for company.

The pop star has already filmed a cameo alongside Wood-Davis, could this form part of her departure? Or is news of her leaving the first hint of who might not survive the upcoming storm stunt later this month?


Wood-Davis took to Twitter to confirm the news teasing her exit will be shown ‘in the next few weeks’ – interestingly at around about the same time as the storm…

Kim almost came a cropper in the summer when she was shot by gangster Glenn Donovan after he mistakenly thought she was sleeping with his girlfriend Grace Black. She almost killed him as revenge, employing the same methods her sinister sibling used when she nearly injected him with a lethal substance in hospital. Will Kim revive the old Gloved Hand Killer MO as her swan song?


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