Emmerdale: Graham killed off in Joe’s murder plot tonight?

Someone might not survive the Home Farm showdown


Emmerdale‘s Graham Foster is held hostage and tortured by drug dealer Connor in tonight’s episodes following a huge betrayal by Joe Tate who orders his employee’s death to save his own skin. Can the pair’s friendship ever recover? Assuming Graham survives, that is…


Connor showed up at Home Farm earlier this week waving a gun around seeking revenge on Graham for their previous showdown, but with the enigmatic manservant out of town the sinister Scot found a terrified Joe instead.

Fearing for his life, and secretly wanting Graham out of the way so girlfriend Debbie Dingle doesn’t discover he forged her signature on the prenup, Mr Tate was forced to collude with Connor and pretend he wanted Graham dead too, and has arranged for the unsuspecting Mr Foster to be at Home Farm today (Thursday 4 October) so Connor can confront him. Graham returns to the village tonight, and is soon beaten and tied to a chair by his nemesis…


Viewers will Joe regret sending Graham into a deadly trap and frantically try to call Connor off, but is he too late? “Graham is fearful of what might happen to him,” teases Andrew Scarborough, who plays the ex-soldier. “But let’s not forget he’s been in the SAS! If he survives I don’t think his friendship with Joe will ever be the same again. There’s still love and respect there, but it’s quickly ripping apart at the seems.”

Tune in to Emmerdale tonight at 7pm and 8pm on ITV for a double bill of drama that may well end in murder at Home Farm…


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