Emmerdale: Graham and Kim’s secret past leads to Joe’s murder?

Kim Tate's history with Graham and Joe will tear them apart

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Emmerdale‘s Joe Tate is a marked man following his betrayal of Graham Foster as it’s revealed next week both men have been under Kim Tate’s control for years. Unhappy at her stepgrandson’s volatile antics she forces Graham to get rid of him – permanently.


Tonight’s dramatic episodes (Thursday 4 October) saw Graham survive his encounter with gangster Connor and confront Joe over ordering his death at the drug dealer’s hand to save his own skin. While Connor’s fate remains a mystery (it’s unlikely Graham just gave him a talking to for beating him up and tying him to a chair), it appears there could be no coming back for Graham and Joe after this – despite Mr Tate’s apologies in an emotionally-charged scene this evening.

Next week sees iconic bad girl Kim Tate released from prison and return to Home Farm after almost 20 years, and it transpires she’s been pulling the strings with Graham and Joe for around a decade, if not longer. Graham’s obsession with keeping his young ward in line will be explained as the blonde bitch having been his big boss all along, and he’ll be forced to choose where his loyalties really lie…


“Graham and Joe are both working for Kim,” confirms Andrew Scarborough, aka mysterious Mr Foster. “Graham has been warning Joe since they arrived, saying things like: ‘Don’t push it, this is not what was agreed’. Graham doesn’t mind the idea of Joe marrying Debbie Dingle, but has insisted on the prenup. He knows Kim won’t be happy over what Joe is doing so Graham has been trying to keep him on track and ensure he sticks to the plan.”

“Kim has been in charge all along,” adds Claire King, returning to her famous role as the village vixen. “I’m not sure exactly how far this goes back but it would be over 10 years, and she’s been under lock and key since then. Kim and Graham also have a romantic history. It’s an interesting partnership and there’s a lot that’s gone on between them. You’ll find out more about that next week – it’s very exciting!”


Conniving Kim gets wind of Joe prioritising Debbie over protecting the Tate family fortune as she’s released from prison next week and urges employee Graham to despatch Joe. Despite Joe almost getting Graham killed by Connor, and his loyalties to Kim, Graham’s conscience will kick in and he gives young Mr Tate £100,000 to disappear so he can avoid Kim’s wrath. But with Joe set to marry Debbie that day, will he abandon her or face cruel Kim and pay the price for angering her?


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