Meet the cast of The Loch

Siobhan Finneran and Laura Fraser star in the new six-part series on ITV

Keiran Gallacher – Jonjo Patterson



Who does he play? Jonjo is Evie and Kieran’s friend. His parents Ken and Nicole run the local abattoir (where he helps out) and he likes to push their buttons. The joker of the group, Jonjo also suffers from bipolar disorder and can behave erratically when he neglects to take his medication.

Where have I seen him before? Keiran Gallacher is a newcomer to TV, but has starred in the short films Skin Deep and Footballers United.

Moray Hunter – Ken Patterson 


Who does he play? Ken Patterson runs the local abattoir and struggles to make ends meet. This murder case could finish his business off altogether. But this is the least of his worries…

Where have I seen him before? Moray Hunter starred in the Channel 4 sketch show Absolutely and in the spin-off series Mr Don and Mr George. He played Dr Martin Baxter in Broadchurch and also works as a scriptwriter.

John Heffernan – Dr Simon Marr


Who does he play? Simon Marr is the local doctor. He has been recently widowed and has a young daughter, who was one of murdered man Niall Swift’s piano students. The doctor has truths about his past that he would prefer remain undiscovered.

Where have I seen him before? John Heffernan played Jaggers in the TV series Dickensian, and Steven Rose in Luther. He also popped up in Ripper Street as Ronald Capshaw.

Oliver Greenall – Jordan Whitehead 


Who does he play? Kieran’s older brother supposedly has locked-in syndrome after suffering an aneurism years ago. But there are signs he is waking up. Has his mother been keeping him paralysed all these years so she can look after them?

Where have I seen him before? Oliver Greenall is a newcomer to TV. 

Euan Stamper – Crawford Baxter 


Who does he play? The local bully. Baxter particularly enjoys beating up fellow student Dessie. But he has the typical story of the troublesome teen character: Baxter is unhappy in his private life, with his dad dying and his future looking bleak.


Where have I seen him before? Euan Stamper is also a newcomer to TV. He played Neil in short film Free Period.