Watch a brand-new scene from Robert and Aaron’s Emmerdale wedding day episode

"This episode is very much written for the Robron fans," says Ryan Hawley

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Emmerdale fans can get a first look at the #Robron wedding in this brand-new clip released by the ITV soap that sees Robert tell Aaron that he looks “incredible” ahead of the ceremony. As the pair get ready to depart for the service, Robert asks Aaron whether he’s ready, to which his partner replies: “I suppose I’m not doing much else…”


Speaking to ahead of the episode airing on Friday, actor Ryan Hawley said of the nuptials: “It feels like a full stop – it’s the most definitive thing I’ve ever read in Emmerdale and puts paid to questions such as, ‘Are they a couple? Are they married? Is it legal.’ It’s over, it’s done – they’re married now.”


The wedding does, of course, follow the tragedy of Chas and Paddy losing their daughter in Monday’s episode. And Danny Miller believes that the family bereavement feeds into the way that Aaron and Robert choose to mark their big day: “After everything that’s happened with Chas and Paddy, they’re not just doing it for themselves. They’re doing it for the whole family, in a way. It feels like the whole community coming together.”

Hawley added that the episode certainly wouldn’t disappoint the hardcore #Robron fans who’ve followed the pair on the tumultuous path of their relationship: “It’s very much written for the Robron fans. I hope that they enjoy it because it’s one of the very few occasions in the show where you see two people genuinely happy. It’s an episode where it’s just happiness – it’s two people getting married and that’s it.”


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