Emmerdale stunt: Claire King reveals the secrets of Kim Tate’s shock fall

"Bets will be hedged more on Charity than anybody else"


Emmerdale returnee Claire King has revealed the behind-the-scenes secrets of next week’s shock stunt that will see Kim Tate pushed from a balcony into a champagne fountain by a mystery assailant during a masquerade ball at Home Farm.


“It was a stunt girl who fell into the glasses of champagne. I literally had to drop from the balcony – 10 feet up – on to crash mats and boxes,” King told Inside Soap. “We did it in one take, so I didn’t get too many bruises! I don’t mind those sorts of things – I was going to train for my stunt card before I started at Emmerdale the first time around.”


The upcoming drama will see Kim return to the village after a two-decade absence when she’s released from prison. Wasting no time in ruffling feathers, the villainous vamp is to declare herself to be the true owner of Home Farm before going on to offend everyone in sight with her acid-tongue, only to end up plunging to what could be her doom.

Asked whether her character had changed in her years away from Emmerdale, King added: “I guess she has, but not for the better! Being in prison has hardened her, and obviously she’s aged. She’s probably even more blinkered and narrow-minded about getting what she wants. She’d trample over anyone now, to get her own way.”


But the big question now is who has gone to extreme lengths to prevent Kim from getting what she’s after? “I think one of the Dingles would be in the frame as far as Kim is concerned. But bets will be hedged more on Charity than anybody else, because she’s the gobby one at the party. It could be her, yet it may not be. We’ll have to wait and see.”


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