Emmerdale puts Joe in grave danger after springing surprise wedding on Debbie

Will the groom be killed off ahead of his own nuptials?


Joe Tate will spring a surprise wedding plan on Debbie Dingle in next week’s Emmerdale, only to then be a no-show at his own nuptials. Has something sinister happened to the groom-to-be?


Scenes to be shown on Monday see Joe arrive at the hospital and ask to speak to Debbie alone. Fans of the ITV soap can then expect Debbie to be left astonished when Joe guides her to the hospital chapel and tells her that they’re getting married – today.

When Cain then shows up, Debbie tries to cover but soon comes clean to her dad and tells him about the plan, warning him that she’ll never forgive him if he interferes. Soon, Debbie has changed into her wedding dress and is excited for her big day.


But as the time the ceremony comes and then goes, Debbie finds herself without a man to marry. As she repeatedly tries and fails to contact Joe, she starts to wonder why he hasn’t turned up, little suspecting what is actually going on with her fiancé…

What viewers will see is Graham secretly scheming to stop the wedding after he finds out what Joe is up to. The audience has already seen him making clandestine calls to a mysterious contact and all soon becomes clear when he turns up at the gates of a prison and meets a newly released Kim Tate.


But as Graham fills her in on the latest news, he’s left sickened with dread when Kim tells him he needs to get rid of Joe.

Pretty soon, we see Graham with a garotte in his hands and confronting an ashen-faced Joe with the news that he knows all about his wedding plans. But breaking his promise to Kim, Graham then produces a bag containing £100,000 and tells Joe that he needs to leave and soon.

But will Joe really up to go and leave his bride in the lurch? Or stay for Debbie and end up putting his life in danger?


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