Emmerdale: Joe is attacked at Home Farm – watch the new scene

Connor is back - and wielding a gun!

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Joe Tate finds himself under attack this Wednesday on Emmerdale when menacing pimp Connor turns up at Home Farm, punches him to the ground and pulls out a gun. As it turns out, Connor wants revenge on Graham and is demanding to know his whereabouts. But, fearing for his own safety, Joe ends up telling his assailant that he also wants Graham dead and will help set up his downfall.


As viewers know, Joe is currently at loggerheads with Graham over his upcoming wedding, with Graham insisting that his boss get bride to be Debbie to sign a pre-nup in order to protect his business interests. In order to shut the issue down, Joe then forged Debbie’s signature on the legal documentation, only for Graham to subsequently find out what he’d done.

Now, Joe looks set to stab Graham in the back by selling him out to Connor, who ends setting a trap at Home Farm that results in Graham being bound, gagged and left fearing that he’s about to meet his maker.


By this stage, though, Joe has had second thoughts about the plan and is making panicky calls to Connor to call a halt to proceedings. But even if Graham survives, actor Andrew Scarborough doesn’t see how he and Joe can ever put all this behind them:

“If Graham makes it through, I don’t think his friendship with Joe will ever be the same again. There’s still a lot of love and respect there, but it’s quickly ripping apart at the seams.”


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