Emmerdale: why did Adam take the blame for Emma’s murder? And will Moira now confess?

Your handy reminder as to how Adam escaped custody - and why Moira remains at large


Tonight’s Emmerdale double bill revisits its most recent whodunnit storyline when Moira reveals to Matty and Victoria that she was the one responsible for Emma’s murder. Since the beginning of 2018, the pair have been under the impression that Adam bumped off the bonkers Barton matriarch. But a horrified Moira will blurt out the truth after catching Adam’s wife getting passionate with his brother!


For those in need of a reminder, Adam confessed to killing Emma back in December 2017, despite being entirely innocent of the crime. Moira – who was the real guilty party – also turned up unexpectedly at the police station but investigating officers failed to believe her own confession.


In the run-up to Adam deciding to take the rap, Cain was seen telling the police that Moira was not of sound mind and that any statement she made should not be taken at face value.

So when Moira then took DS Benton and DC Wilson through events on the fateful afternoon that Emma met her maker, they didn’t give credence to her confession.

Instead, the police told Adam what Moira had done in the hope that it would force him into ‘fessing up. Realising that his mum had done the wicked deed, Adam opted to be the fall guy and lied about having got into an argument with Emma at the viaduct that resulted in her untimely demise.

The following month, actor Adam Thomas’s final Emmerdale scenes were screened, when Adam decided to go on the run rather than serve a prison sentence. In the episode screened on Tuesday 2 January 2018, Adam left on a container ship bound for Amsterdam after receiving some much-needed help from Aaron and Cain.

Adam’s last appearance saw him head to court, where he expected to be handed a sentence ranging from six to ten years for killing Emma. But the van he was travelling in ended up being hijacked and its drivers bound and gagged – a move that gave Adam the opportunity to flee the scene.


As it turned out, Cain and Aaron were the ones responsible for masterminding the escape and, pretty soon, Adam was speeding away from the scene, having been handed the opportunity to keep his freedom.

But a last-minute obstacle came in the form of Victoria who found out what was happening and tried to convince Adam to do his time. In the end, though, Adam opted to go AWOL, with the police – and Victoria – still believing him responsible for Emma’s death.

Now, though, the situation looks set to change dramatically as Moira reveals that Adam was actually innocent all along. So how will Victoria take the news that her marriage needn’t have come to an end and that Emma’s killer has been under her nose this whole time? Find out when Emmerdale shows these scenes at 7.00 and 8.00pm on ITV.


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