Emmerdale: Victoria confronts Aaron over Adam’s escape – watch the new scene from Friday’s episode

Get a sneak peek look at the fallout from Moira's confession

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Victoria looks set to lash out in tomorrow’s Emmerdale in the wake of her discovery that estranged husband Adam didn’t actually kill Emma Barton. Poor Vic has been left reeling after Moira made a shock confession that she was actually responsible for the crime.


After slapping Moira across the face and putting a halt to her friendship/relationship with Matty, Victoria was last seen driving off, leaving viewers unsure as to what her next move would be.

Now, RadioTimes.com can offer this sneak-peek look at Friday’s episode, in which Aaron and Robert are busily preparing their stag night, only to be interrupted by Victoria, who accuses the pair of covering up Moira’s guilt.

The trouble is that Robert is totally unaware of what happened with Adam – and Aaron’s part in his escape from the village. Will the revelations put the upcoming #Robron wedding in jeopardy?

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