EastEnders: will Mick attack cellmate Bob on Fraser’s orders?

Top dog Fraser tonight issued a shock threat

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Mick Carter’s first week in prison went bad to worse on tonight’s EastEnders when he was ordered to attack his cellmate Bob. A beleaguered Mick has already been branded a “nonce” and found himself coerced into smuggling drugs onto the wing during his time at Dickens Hill jail. But, now, sinister Fraser has ordered the Queen Vic landlord to put Bob in the hospital by the end of Friday – or face a punishment of boiling water being poured onto his face.


Fraser’s ultimatum came as a result of escalating tensions between him and Bob that has seen Mick caught in the crossfire. After Bob foiled an attack on Mick on Tuesday, Fraser sought retribution and coerced the panicked publican into planting drugs among his cellmate’s possessions. But after Bob realised what was going on, he flushed the narcotics down the toilet – a move that only angered Fraser further.

Knowing that there would be reprisals, Mick managed to get wife Linda to bring him £300 in order to cover the cost of the lost stash. But despite Mick transferring the money into Fraser’s account, the gesture wasn’t enough for the prison top dog, who felt as though he’d been disrespected by his fellow inmate. Thursday’s cliffhanger then saw Fraser boil a kettle and threaten Mick with its contents unless he complied with his demands.

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Meanwhile, back on the outside, an increasingly unhinged Stuart Highway was shown to have contacts behind prison walls when he was revealed to be in possession of a covertly filmed video of Mick receiving a visit from Linda. Just who is sending him the footage and will Stuart continue to manipulate Mick now that he’s been discharged from hospital?

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Tomorrow’s episode of EastEnders will see a determined Linda enlisting Halfway’s help to get through to Stuart’s daughter Zara. In the end, Zara herself goes to visit Mick, but soon reveals that she’s standing by her dad. Mick, though, has problems of his own as Fraser’s threat continues to hang over him. Will he become Fraser’s reluctant enforcer and put Bob out of action? Or is Mick set to endanger himself by refusing to cooperate?


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