Emmerdale: Charity injures Monty the dog – and faces arrest after booze bender on Tuesday

Get a first look at some upcoming scenes as Charity goes off the rails

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A distressed Charity has ostracised herself from the Dingle family in tonight’s Emmerdale following a drunken accident that has left Monty the dog in need of urgent medical treatment.


After chastising her nearest and dearest for not standing by her in her time of crisis, Charity decided to hit the bottle before pilfering the keys to her uncle Zak’s van. But mere seconds after turning the ignition, Charity ended up reversing into beloved pet Monty and running over his paw.


Tuesday’s episode of Emmerdale will see a hungover Charity wake up in a field and punch a local farmer in the face following an argument. After the farmer calls the police, Charity finds herself under arrest, but will eventually be let off with an unofficial warning.

Back in the village, Charity then tells the Dingles that she wanted to find her dad but drunkenly passed out before she was able to track him down. However, Zak soon lets slip that he actually knows where Charity’s father Obadiah is.

By Wednesday, father and daughter will have come face to face for the first time in years. But how will the reunion go? And is Charity destined to be disappointed once again?


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