EastEnders to put Mick in BIG danger after paedophile bombshell

What will top dog Fraser do to him?

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Mick Carter has been left fearing for his future on tonight’s EastEnders after being branded a “nonce” by his fellow inmates. Monday’s episode of the BBC1 soap saw Mick struggling to adjust to his new existence behind bars, little realising that nemesis Stuart Highway was about to make his life a whole lot harder.


After learning that the Carters had employed the services of hot shot lawyer Ritchie Scott, Stuart decided to punish Mick by putting in a call to prison top dog Fraser, telling him that the Queen Vic landlord was a child abuser.

With Stuart known to inmates as a paedophile hunter, his words were soon seen to carry weight on the wing. And, by the end of the episode, Mick was left in little doubt as to what the other jailbirds had in mind.

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After Fraser announced that Mick was “a dirty little nonce”, the terrified publican sat bolt upright in his bunk listening to the jeers of: “You’re going to wish you’d never been born, nonce” and chants of “paedo”.

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Tuesday’s EastEnders will see Mick attempt to put the record straight with Fraser, but after a close call with another inmate in the canteen, he realises that it won’t be that easy. Despite cellmate Bob’s advice to keep a low profile, Mick confronts Fraser, who is soon issuing him with a shock ultimatum. Will Mick be able to cope with the torments and threats?

“Mick is just trying to find his feet,” says Danny Dyer. “He doesn’t know the prison rules yet. He just wants to stay out of trouble and do his time as quickly as possible, so he’s learning with every minute of the day. But Mick has no idea how much trouble he ends up getting in…”


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