Coronation Street: Johnny is blackmailed by Jim – but will he pay up?

Does the Rovers landlord cough up the £50,000?

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Johnny Connor has been left in a state of shock on tonight’s Coronation Street after receiving a blackmail demand for £50,000. In the closing seconds of Monday’s double bill, Johnny was seen getting an anonymous text which said that if he didn’t pay up, wife Jenny would get to know all about his dalliance with Liz McDonald. As viewers are aware, the attempt to extort money from the Rovers landlord has come from a cash-hungry Jim, but Johnny currently has no idea who is trying to get their hands on his money.


In the run-up to the text pinging onto Johnny’s screen, Jim was seen telling partner-in-crime Hannah that he’d found a fresh way of getting hold of some funds after she’d revealed that Liz could only raise £10,000 rather than the £25,000 that had first been mooted. With son Steve having let slip that Liz and Johnny recently had a one-night stand, Jim decided to seize the opportunity and put the frighteners on the cheating publican.

Wednesday’s episodes of Corrie will now see Johnny trying to find out who is blackmailing him and confronting Liz about whether she told Jim about their night of passion. Jim, meanwhile, is confident that Johnny will cough up an tells Hannah that they no longer need to take Liz’s money.


But the situation looks set to change when Johnny confides in daughter Carla about Liz and the blackmail. The Underworld boss advises her dad to keep calm and do nothing. But will ignoring Jim’s extortion attempt, is Johnny destined to see his infidelity secret exposed?


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