Emmerdale: Rebecca makes shock return – and reunites with son Seb (spoilers)

Aaron, Robert and Victoria left stunned as Rebecca makes it back to the village


Rebecca White left her nearest and dearest slack-jawed with shock on tonight’s Emmerdale after she made an unexpected reappearance in the episode’s closing seconds. With Robert, Aaron and Victoria now convinced that Rebecca was killer Lachlan’s final victim, the trio were stunned by the sight of the errant villager advancing towards them in a disorientated state.


In an uplifting final scene, Rebecca was reunited with her young son Seb after weeks spent as the captive of Lachlan, first in a nearby shed and then later under the ‘care’ of a sinister nurse, who turned out to be in the pay of the twisted teen.

Emmerdale has yet to reveal the circumstances of Rebecca’s release, though it appears that the nurse has had second thoughts about her duties after learning of both Lachlan’s arrest and the fact that Rebecca was now considered by the police to be a missing person.


Prior to the emotional reunion, the Woolpack regulars had been seen mourning Rebecca’s loss, with Aaron then going on to propose the idea of a tree being planted next to the grave of Robert’s mum Sarah, in order to keep Rebecca’s memory alive.


Lachlan, meanwhile, put in a frantic phone call from prison to tell Robert that he hadn’t murdered Rebecca, insisting that he’d left her under the supervision of a health professional. Robert was understandably reluctant to believe Lachlan’s version of events, having found the room where she was being held empty and stained with blood.

But, as it turned out, Rebecca was indeed still in the land of living, as evidenced by her stumbling into view just before the Emmerdale credits rolled. The question now is whether she’ll be in any fit state to recount her experiences to the police officers currently grilling Lachlan about his other crimes. Will Rebecca be able to shed light on her own traumatic experiences at the hands of the wicked Mr White? Find out when Emmerdale returns tomorrow at 7.00pm.


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