Stuart names Mick as the shooter on EastEnders – here’s what happens next (Spoilers)

The Queen Vic landlord will be in deep trouble tomorrow

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EastEnders villain Stuart Highway has tonight named Mick Carter as the person who shot him during a showdown at the Queen Vic. Having finally woken, Stuart wasted no time in revealing the identity of his would-be killer, pulling brother Halfway in close before whispering: “My oldest mate – Mick Carter.”


Viewers are still in the dark as to whether Stuart is telling the truth or if he’s merely furthering his vendetta against Mick, who he feels has robbed him of the life he should have had. But what we can reveal is that Stuart’s words will have big repercussions for the Queen Vic landlord, who will soon find himself in handcuffs again.

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Tuesday’s episode of EastEnders sees Stuart telling his version of events to DI Arthurs, while Halfway faces a race against the clock to warn the Carters and enlists Whitney’s help to stall the police. As Stuart revels in the attention, Halfway rushes to the Vic and reveals that Stuart has revealed Mick shot him. Linda and Mick then question if they should make a run for it.

But Mick soon realises that there’s no way out and is subsequently taken away by investigating officers, only for Halfway to come to a worrying realisation.

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By Thursday, the situation has come too much for Linda, who storms round to the hospital and accuses Stuart of lying, but is quickly ushered out by the police. Linda then begs Zara to believe her, but Stuart’s daughter deals a crushing blow to the Carters when she corroborates Stuart’s story. So how will Mick cope behind bars? And can Linda find the help her husband needs to get bail?


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