Michael Parkinson: ‘Give Piers Morgan a five-nights-a-week chat show’

The legendary broadcaster says Britain needs a US-style chat show – and there's only one (controversial) man to present it

Piers Morgan, Michael Parkinson (ITV/ Getty)

Legendary broadcaster Michael Parkinson has said that Britain would benefit from a US-style chat show five nights a week – and that Good Morning Britain’s controversial host Piers Morgan is the one to present it.


Writing in the latest issue of Radio Times, Parkinson said that attitudes towards talk shows needed to change in Britian, citing the success of programmes across the pond like Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

A British version could incorporate “showbiz… politics, popular culture and sport,” Parkinson explained, and would prove a hit – as long as it had “the right host”.

“It could spark debate [and] be instantly reactive to the day’s events, be they reality TV or Brexit.

“We already have the seed of such a show when Good Morning Britain is hosted by Piers Morgan,” Parksinson said. “Let him off the leash and give him a five-nights-a-week platform and we just might see this format succeed in Britain.”

The 83-year-old presenter added that “the talk show has, and always will be, slightly dismissed as a piece of television trivia”.

Broadcasters “disregard the importance of hiring someone who knows how to ask a question,” he added. “In American, talk shows are an integral part of the TV landscape, their hosts revered.

“When one retires the scrabble to get the host’s chair is akin to the struggle for King Lear’s throne.”


If anyone could master Shakespearean insults, it’s Piers Morgan.