Emmerdale: see Robert and Lachlan’s prison showdown – watch the brand-new scene from tonight’s episode

Will Robert find out where Rebecca is?

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Robert Sugden looks set to grill Lachlan White in prison on Emmerdale tonight – but will he get news on Rebecca’s whereabouts? As viewers know, Rebecca is being held against her will by a nurse who is in the pay of Lachlan, but none of the villagers are currently aware of her fate. Monday’s episode of the ITV soap sees Robert venture behind bars to get the truth out of Lachlan, only to find that the twisted teen is intent on playing with him before offering up any answers.


Meanwhile, the nurse who is ‘caring’ for Rebecca is still reeling from the news that her patient is now being considered a missing person and that Lachlan himself has been arrested. Pretty soon, the nurse has decided to take action and will be seen attempting to ‘reassure’ Rebecca that her ordeal will soon be over before leaning in with a loaded syringe at the ready. So is Rebecca’s life on the line yet again? Will she be able to escape the nurse’s clutches? And can Robert get to her location before any harm comes to her?


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