EastEnders: Shakil’s killer Bruno plays sick trick on grieving Carmel – here’s what happens next (spoilers)

The teen thug has no remorse at all for his actions

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Bruno, the teenage gang member imprisoned for knifing Shakil Kazemi to death, showed his true colours on tonight’s EastEnders after a brave Carmel ventured behind bars to hear what he had to say for himself.


Friday’s episode of the BBC1 soap saw Bruno’s mum Sophie reveal her true reason for visiting Albert Square – her killer son Bruno wanted to see both her and Carmel. Despite her initial doubts, a fired-up Carmel told Kush what was happening and went with Sophie to confront Bruno at the prison.

A distressed Carmel was then left shocked when an apparently remorseful Bruno broke down and apologised profusely for what he did. Carmel found herself unable to forgive Bruno but left feeling at peace with the meeting.

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However, as Sophie privately said goodbye to her son, a chilling, telltale smirk from Bruno left her realising that his apology was an act and he actually felt no remorse at all!

Next week’s episodes of EastEnders will continue to explore the ramifications of Sophie’s presence on the Square as Carmel leaps to her defence after Kush demands that she leaves. Carmel will be seen offering to help Sophie by writing a letter for Bruno’s lawyer to help reduce the boy’s sentence.

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But little does Carmel know that her own son is falling apart before her eyes as he drowns his sorrows at the Queen Vic. By the end of the week, though, Kush will be seen breaking down in his mum’s arms before finding the strength to listen to Sophie as she bares her soul to him. Will the emotional meeting be enough to stop Kush from sliding further off the rails?


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