EastEnders star Tanya Franks left “confused” by Rainie and Jack sex twist (Spoilers)

The actress reacts to tonight's shock cliffhanger

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EastEnders star Tanya Franks has admitted that she didn’t initially understand Rainie’s reasons for sleeping with Jack in tonight’s episode of the BBC1 soap.


“I was confused,” the actress admitted to RadioTimes.com, when asked for her reaction when she was told about the storyline. “She’s jumped headlong into making this work with Max, so it meant I had to change gear really quickly. And once I’d read the script, I had to work it all through in my head in order to give her motive credence.”

Scenes just shown saw Rainie fall into Jack’s arms after discovering that her husband Max had told his brother about his marriage being a sham. With Jack also currently experiencing relationship turmoil following his break-up with Mel, the stage was set for him making the rebound move of getting it on with Rainie, who – at that moment in time – was feeling rebuffed and unwanted by Max.

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“Rainie always acts spontaneously and worries about the consequences later,” added Franks. “She doesn’t want to not be wanted. And nobody seems to like Rainie because she’s caused so much damage to people. She has to keep asking people to give her a second chance and there are only a couple of people prepared to do that – Jack being one of them.”

Franks also commented that she is currently in the dark about the outcome of Rainie and Max’s custody fight for baby Abi (“I’ve no idea at the moment”) but stated that she’s looking forward to former Corrie boss Kate Oates taking the reins in Albert Square.

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“I’m excited. I don’t yet know what it means for my character. But it’s an important role to fill and I’m sure there’ll be a change of dynamic. She had a great influence on Coronation Street and Emmerdale and I’m sure her experience will be invaluable. John Yorke will not have taken on someone lightly, so I’m sure the values she brings will be worthwhile.”


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