Emmerdale: Charity refuses to attend Bails’s trial verdict – watch a new scene from tomorrow’s episode (Spoilers)

But can Vanessa convince Charity to go?

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Charity will be seen in a state of emotional turmoil on tomorrow’s Emmerdale as she awaits the verdict at Bails’s trial. In this new sneak-peek look at Wednesday evening’s episode of the ITV soap, Charity can be seen telling her family that she can’t bring herself to attend the day’s court proceedings, fearing that she messed things up in the witness box.


Viewers have already seen Charity having to recount all her past traumas at the hands of the predatory police officer, only for Bails’s wife to then take the stand and lie to the court, painting Charity out to be an obsessive stalker.

Fearing the worst, Charity decides to stay away from the courtroom, thinking that Bails will be found innocent and that her efforts to put him behind bars will all be for nothing. But can partner Vanessa convince her to go?


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