Emmerdale: Rebecca is alive – but who is the nurse keeping her captive? (Spoilers)

Emily Head reacts to tonight's twist

Rebecca white is alive and being cared for by a nurse who is sedating her.

Emmerdale has tonight confirmed that Rebecca White (Emily Head) is alive following weeks of speculation about the character’s whereabouts. Fans had feared that Rebecca had become one of Lachlan’s many murder victims after the twisted teen was seen smothering her while holding her prisoner in a barn. But, as it now turns out, Lachlan has actually paid for a nurse to keep Rebecca under lock and key in a windowless room. The trouble is that Rebecca’s location still remains a mystery and her nearest and dearest are starting to fear that she could be dead.


Speaking about the difficulties of keeping Rebecca’s fate a secret, actress Emily Head said tonight: “It’s been so hard. Everyone I meet who recognises me asks if Rebecca is dead or alive. And they really do push me for an answer!  Every time I came into work, I tried to make sure people didn’t see me entering the building. Or if I got a taxi, I’d have to lie and say I was coming in for an interview. So I’m very happy that it’s now aired, so I can stop lying to everyone!”

Monday’s episode of the ITV soap saw an incarcerated Lachlan opt not to reveal Rebecca’s whereabouts to Belle, who later returned home to the village to tell Robert that she’d been unsuccessful in her attempts to extract the vital information.

Lachlan talks to Belle under supervision

While Victoria offered some words of comfort by saying that Rebecca could be safe but unaware of Lachlan’s arrest, Ross was quick to give his brutal assessment: that Rebecca was more likely to have been murdered by her her own nephew.


Little did they all know that Rebecca was, at that moment, being given medication by an as-yet-unnamed nurse (played by actress Cathy Sara), who is under the impression that her delusional patient is in vital need of help if she wants to stay out of an institution and be reunited with her son. When Rebecca protested and shrieked that Lachlan was a killer, the nurse dismissed the idea, saying that the death of the Whites was nothing but a tragic accident.

Asked about Lachlan’s latest dastardly deed, Head said: “He’s done some pretty terrible things, but this is awful. It’s insane. He kept Rebecca chained up in a shed for months, then instead of letting her go, convinced a nurse to sedate her and keep her chained up again! And Lachlan thinks that this is the way it can stay forever. He wants her there for the rest of his life. He definitely needs his comeuppance.”

Viewers will now have to wait until tomorrow to discover if Rebecca can convince the nurse that what she’s telling her is the truth – or whether Lachlan can be hoodwinked into telling Belle where Rebecca is now being kept…


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