Emmerdale: Belle grills Lachlan in prison – will she get answers? Watch the scene

Will the serial killer reveal what he's done to his final victim?


Emmerdale’s Lachlan White is finally behind bars for his crimes, but police – and viewers – still don’t know what happened to his missing aunt, Rebecca. Can Belle Dingle convince her disturbed ex-boyfriend to reveal her fate?


The vicious villager struck a deal with the cops whereby they encourage his beloved Belle to visit him and in return he confesses all about Bex. However, the distressed Dingle fled as she freaked out at being face-to-face with Lucky after he kidnapped her.

As the pressure mounts for Belle to grill Lachlan, Robert Sugden practically forces her to get answers from the serial murderer in tonight’s episode (Monday 10 September).

Later this week, Thursday 13 September, the terrified teen confronts him again in jail and begs him to tell him what happened to Rebecca, who fans know was held hostage in a shack he later burnt down. Was she in the shack? Is she buried in the woods? Did she escape?

Knowing he’s her weakness, as he claimed he only committed his calculating crimes so they could be together, Belle tries to get through to the wicked White but he’s unsure as to whether he can trust her.

With Lachlan questioning Belle’s motives for seeing him, as she maintains she’s the only one who understands his true self and that she still cares for him, can the toxic teen be redeemed by coming clean and solving the mystery of Rebecca’s whereabouts?


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