Stuart to die from his gunshot injury in next week’s EastEnders? (Spoilers)

Is this it for the creepy Mr Highway?

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EastEnders has tonight revealed that sinister Stuart Highway was the one who took a bullet in the shooting at the Queen Vic pub – but might he die before he can reveal who was responsible for his injuries?


Currently, it looks as though landlady Linda could be the culprit, what with her having just dumped a gun in the local canal. But with many other members of the Carter clan harbouring grievances towards Stuart, could there be a twist to the whodunnit? And after all, there’s no saying that the firearm Linda disposed of was the one used in the crime. Let’s not forget that we’ve yet to discover what exactly was in the bag that Dylan had in possession…

But back to the matter at hand – ie. the life expectancy of Stuart. The deranged former childhood friend of Mick’s has – so far – survived both the shooting and the landlord’s attempts to smother him as he lay bleeding on the floor of the Vic’s kitchen. However, upcoming scenes suggest we could soon have a Walford murder investigation on our hands.

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Next week’s drama will see the police close in on their suspect as Stuart’s life continues to hang in the balance in hospital. And as accusations fly in the Vic, one person pays a visit to try and put things right. But it looks like it’s a case of too little too late because things look set to get even worse when Stuart’s condition takes a turn for the worse. Could this be the last we’ll see of the deranged Mr Highway?


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