Emmerdale spoilers: Ryan is arrested – after attacking Bails!

How will Charity react to her son's actions?


Ryan Stocks will unintentionally jeopardise his mum Charity’s court case when he attacks her abuser DI Mark Bails on next week’s Emmerdale. As the week of the trial begins, Ryan notices how distressed Charity is and calls his biological father in order to meet up with him. But things soon sour when Ryan asks Bails to plead guilty and the predatory police officer shows his true colours.


Incensed, Ryan then lashes out and throws a plank of wood at Bails, who falls to the ground. Realising he’s made a big mistake, Ryan worries about what Bails will do – and that question is soon answered when Ryan ends up being arrested for assault! Back in the village, Cain tries to reassure Charity that Ryan will be fine, but she fears that he has something up his sleeve and will walk free at the trial.


The next day, Charity takes to the stand and explains her history and how Bails won her trust as she recalls the past. Charity continues to answer the defence’s questions and, although buoyed to see Ryan and Noah, she’s left feeling like she’s blown it.


Charity is then rocked when Bails gives his twisted version of events, claiming that he had genuine feelings for Charity. And in a further blow, Bails’s wife Chloe decides to back up her husband’s case by also lying to the prosecution.

Once back home, Charity breaks down and Cain does his best to help her, despite her feeling defeated by Bails’s actions. As the day of the verdict dawns, Charity is sure that the accused will be found not guilty. But what will the jury make of Bails’s spin? Is he destined to go free? Or will Charity finally get justice?


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