Who got shot on EastEnders – and who pulled the trigger of the gun? (Spoilers)

Firearm drama rocked Walford tonight


EastEnders fans have been left with a big mystery to solve tonight after the sound of a gunshot sounded out across the Square. Not only do we not know who has taken a bullet, we’ve also been kept in the dark about the identity of the person who pulled the trigger of the gun. Monday’s cliffhanger featured a night-time view of the exterior of the Queen Vic, but it won’t be until Tuesday that we get any further clues about what went on inside at the time of the shock shooting.


But let’s make a start by looking at the evidence so far. What we know for a fact is that deranged Stuart Highway brought a firearm onto the premises in the dead of night before ringing the bell behind the bar in order to engineer a confrontation. So the likeliest explanation is that he has shot one of the Carter clan or a member of the family has wrestled the gun from his grasp and shot him.

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And let’s face it, there’s no shortage of suspects with a grievance against Stuart. Mick seems full of regret that he didn’t kill his former best friend after discovering that he’d filmed wife Linda while she was asleep. And we know that he wasn’t asleep at the time the gun went off, having taken Lady Di out for walk. Has he returned at just the wrong time in order to catch Stuart behind his bar?

Then there’s Linda, who appeared to intimate that Stuart would be a dead man should he ever turn up at the Vic again. Shirley was equally vengeful, having commented that Stuart deserved a bullet in the head. And let’s not forget Halfway (who has been trigger happy already once this year), who has vowed to protect girlfriend Whitney.

Finally, we have Tina, whose trauma at the hands of Stuart back in their youth is now fuelling her thirst for vengeance. She’s currently in the company of fellow victim Dylan, who is closely guarding his bag, saying that its contents will help him sleep. With Dylan fearing that Stuart is menacing him, might he also have a gun in his possession?

Tomorrow’s episode of EastEnders will see panic ensue at the Albert Square boozer, with an ambulance arriving on the scene and the police turning up also in order to investigate what has happened. Viewers will also see Keanu spotting someone acting very suspiciously by the local canal…

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By the end of this week, news has travelled around Walford with everyone now wanting to know who is responsible for what has happened. And as tensions rise, the police make a surprise arrest. But who will find themselves in handcuffs by the time Friday’s duff duff comes around?


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