Emmerdale spoilers: Belle attacks Lachlan after he confesses to killing Sam – watch the new scene from tomorrow’s episode

Get a sneak peek look at Tuesday's drama

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Emmerdale fans have been left with a whopper of a cliffhanger tonight after Lachlan confessed to girlfriend Belle that he’d killed her brother Sam. Shock scenes just shown on the ITV soap saw Belle discover a bloodied hoodie and demand answers from Lachlan, who told her very calmly that Sam was getting in the way and had to be got rid of.


Now, viewers can get a sneak peek look at the drama that’s coming up on Tuesday’s episode of Emmerdale, which will see Belle get increasingly frightened for her own welfare and bolt for the door. As a struggle ensues, Belle slaps Lachlan, who then tries to pull her back roughly.

Subsequent events will see Belle left distraught when she discovers Sam lying bloodied and lifeless! Knowing he has to act quickly if he’s to remain at liberty, Lachlan grabs hold of Belle and forces her to leave with him.

Before long, Belle finds herself lying hurt in the road. But how did she get there? And will Lachlan really resort to killing the love of his life? “It’s very dramatic,” says Taylor-Draper. “Belle can’t believe that she’s been sharing her bed and her life with a serial killer. Hopefully she can cope with what’s happening to her, but we shall see…”


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