EastEnders: Stacey thinks she knows the who the father of Hayley’s baby is

But has she guessed correctly?

EastEnders - July - September 2018 - 5766

Stacey Fowler will leap to the erroneous conclusion that Hayley Slater is expecting Martin’s baby after discovering all about the secret pregnancy in next week’s episodes of EastEnders. Scenes to be shown on Monday 27 August will see the penny drop for Stacey when she catches Jean helping Hayley to adjust her clothes.


With it now obvious that Hayley is hiding a sizeable baby bump, Jean begs Stacey to keep quiet about her discovery. But as they discuss who the father could be, Jean plants a worrying seed in Stacey’s mind – could it be Martin’s?

EastEnders - July - September 2018 - 5767

With Martin out with the kids, Stacey decides to corner Kush as she goes in search of answers, but gets no luck. So, back home, Stacey decides to confront Hayley, who immediately denies that Martin is the dad. But as Stacey continues to push her for answers, Hayley snaps and reveals that she can’t wait to get away from the family and leave.

EastEnders - July - September 2018 - 5768

As viewers know, the father of Hayley’s unborn child is actually Alfie Moon, so the mum-to-be is obviously keen to prevent this news from getting out and reaching Kat’s ears. But what she hasn’t reckoned on is Jean taking matters into her own hands and revealing to an assembled gathering of Slaters that Hayley is pregnant. So how will the family react? And is Hayley set to face more difficult questions about her baby’s paternity?


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