Will Jane Beale return to EastEnders next week?

Is Ian's ex-wife set to make a comeback?


Is Jane Beale about to make a reappearance on Albert Square in next week’s episodes of EastEnders? The possibility of Jane making a comeback was raised in tonight’s EastEnders when it was revealed that Masood had invited her to the opening of the new Walford East restaurant, much to the horror of her estranged husband Ian.


As EastEnders fans will recall, Jane made her exit from Walford back in October 2017 when she was forced to leave by a conniving Max Branning, who was trying to wreak revenge on all those he felt had wronged him in the Square. Since that time, Max’s duplicity has, of course, been exposed, so there’s no real reason for Jane not to return.


In fact, it’s never been made clear why Jane has stayed away for so long. Is it pride? Guilt that she never revealed the real reason to Ian why Steven died? Or is she still fearful of what Max could do to her? Certainly, Ian has made no real effort to track down his errant wife, opting instead to switch his attention to trying to reconcile with former love Mel Owen (not that she seems at all interested?).

But the idea of Jane reentering his life was enough to send Ian into a rage in scenes just shown this evening.

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Next week’s episodes of EastEnders will see things go from bad to worse for Ian as he prepares for the launch of his new eatery. As Tiffany leaves her post, Ian has a complete meltdown. But might Jane choose this moment to turn up and create some more unwanted tension for the beleaguered Mr Beale? EastEnders returns on Monday at 8.00pm on BBC1.


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