Coronation Street: Carla and Peter kiss – should they get back together?

The pros and cons of the old flames reigniting their romance


Passion overpowered Coronation Street’s Carla Connor and Peter Barlow as the ex-lovers shared a passionate kiss after deciding to run the factory together.


Initially rejecting her former husband’s offer of financial investment so she could buy back Underworld tonight (Wednesday 15 August), Carla soon realised how desperate she was to be back in the knicker-stitching game and begged for Peter’s help.

The couple were swiftly mixing business with pleasure and in a moment of vulnerability as she opened up about brother Aidan’s suicide, Carla let her guard down and kissed Peter. There are many reasons to shout ‘Yes!’ at this development, but just as many to cry ‘No!’ – so we’ll try to sum up our mixed feelings on the matter by presenting both sides of the argument…

There’s an undeniable spark when Alison King and Chris Gascoyne share the screen and the atmosphere positively crackles. Despite the issues (we’re coming to those) watching these two fiery, flawed characters bounce off each other is always compelling.

Tonight’s episode contained callbacks to the couple’s colourful past reminding us of what they once had. “You’re the best thing that ever happened to me,” said Peter. “I know I messed it up and you can never love me again but let me help you – that’s all I want…” Does anyone know and understand damaged Carla like Peter does?

Yes they’re cursed, yes disaster follows them around like a lost puppy, but you have to admit the partnership has always generated epic, heartbreaking, long-running stories packed with emotion. It may not be moonlight and roses all day long but your guaranteed some powerful plots if this partnership is fully resurrected.

Unfinished business
We never really believed Peter’s contrived affair with Tina McIntyre, which prematurely ended the marriage, and Carla’s tragic miscarriage robbed them the chance to be parents, so it would be nice to have them wipe the slate clean and make a proper go of it – no affairs, maybe a baby, perhaps they could find closure this time?


Nick’s coming back
Talking of unresolved matters, Carla’s ex and Peter’s nemesis Nick Tilsley is on his way back to the cobbles this autumn – with the three of them back on the street simultaneously we could have a good old-fashioned love triangle on our hands. Could Corrie be putting Carla back with one old flame only to throw another one in the mix and letting her impossible decision play out?


It’s old news
As great as they are together, we’ve been here several (million) times before. When Carla was brought back at Christmas we were promised new ground would be broken with the character, who had suffered from repetitive romantic patterns in the past. It’s a touch on the lazy and predictable side to give in and put her with Peter having kept them apart this long.

It was a long journey to the altar for these two but what was Peter doing on their wedding day – thanking his lucky stars this incredible woman he had pursued was finally his wife? No, he was copping off with younger model Tina among the buffet. Cheating just hours after saying your vows isn’t easily forgotten – then again neither is being a bigamist and having two wives on the go…


Carla’s great as a cougar
It was fun to see Carla let her hair down and have some fun with some young fitties as she added two millennial men as notches on her bedpost, seducing Daniel Osbourne and Ali Neeson practically within days of each other. Daniel had much better bants with Carla than he does with Sinead. Actually, he had more of a laugh with  dotty old lady Flora – and they were more fun to watch.

The Leanne factor
Perhaps both parties are better off with other people? Some Corrie fans firmly believe Mr Barlow belongs with Simon’s adopted mum, not high-maintenance Carla. They may have settled into plutonic territory and got over the weirdness of him shacking up with Toyah, but there’s something special about Peter and Lee’s deep-rooted connection that makes them the 21st century Ken and Deirdre – ending up back together every few years in the absence of any other options.

Let’s not forget the addiction demons that bonded then destroyed them first time round. Both are alcoholics and more than a little volatile when the going gets tough, and the stress of running a business and being in a relationship could lead to self-destruction on both sides. Will they be hitting the bottle if the McNee’s order doesn’t get out on time?


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