Emmerdale: Matty’s new romance ruined by jealous Victoria

"He thinks Vic has done this on purpose," says Ash Palmisciano


Emmerdale fans hoping for romance to blossom between Matty Barton and Victoria Barton may have to wait a while longer after next week’s development, when jealous Vic ends up betraying her friend and sabotaging his love life. What does this mean for the future of their relationship?


Matty is mooning over Abby, a girl he met at Ross’s house party the previous week, and as he shows cousin Pete pictures of her lovesick Vic can barely hide her envy as she struggles to process her attraction to the man who was once her best friend Hannah before transitioning.

“By now Matty has had his first on-screen kiss with Abby which was exciting,” says Ash Palmisciano, who plays the Barton boy. “They click and get on well but Matty hasn’t told her he’s trans yet. He admits to Victoria he’s scared to and decides it’s not the right time.”


With Matty’s birthday looming he decides to spend it with Vic, much to her delight, but Abby throws a spanner in the works by arranging a last-minute date and Matty doesn’t get a chance to tell his mate about the change of plan. Rejected Vic then has to cover her disappointment when she’s ditched…

“Victoria thinks they’re going to have a nice day together so she books something and makes an effort,” reveals Isabel Hodgins, who plays the pining pub chef. “Matty forgets to text her it’s all off then on the day rocks up with Abby and Vic is upset – and significantly jealous!”

The awkward situation turns toxic when Victoria then accidentally reveals Matty’s big secret to his date, despite the fact it’s a genuine misunderstanding. “While she’s at the pub Abby gets a phone call which makes her upset,” continues Hodgins. “Victoria sees her crying and assumes Matty has told her about being trans and she’s reacted badly.


“So Vic gets all protective and lays into her and inadvertently betrays Matty’s confidence, not realising Matty hasn’t actually said anything! A row breaks out as Matty thinks Victoria has totally betrayed him, it’s his story to tell.”

“Abby is not cool with it and dumps Matty, and that is that,” sighs Palmisciano. “He’s embarrassed because it’s his first rejection with a girl and he worries that will be his life from now on, and nobody will ever understand. He loves Vic and thinks they’re best mates, but he takes it to heart thinking she’s done this on purpose and it becomes quite an explosive scene between them.”

Mortified she’s mistakenly meddled with her mate’s life, Vic must be secretly pleased she’s kept the path clear for the two of them to hook up, which is what fans are clamouring for. But will their row push them further apart?

“They’re not even friends now after the Abby thing!” laughs Palmisciano. “There is a spark between them definitely,” concludes Hodgins. “As far as romance goes, that depends on what the people upstairs decide…”


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